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Intervista Esclusiva: TokyoNoise intervista RURUTIA / Interview with RURUTIA: the vision of the world through music / TokyoNoiseがRURUTIAにインタビュー:音楽を通して世界へのビジョン

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  1. Dayse ha detto:

    Fantastic interview! Thank you for bringing this gem for us. For the last 5 years, from time to time I would be searching through the internet and social media, looking for news from Rurutia, one of my favorite names in Japanese music, along with Hikaru Utada, and I was worried because there was no new of her well-being at least. So when She came back I was really relieved–happy for having a new song, but mostly relieved to see that she was thriving.

  2. Christi ha detto:

    Thank you very much for your comment! We were in your situation: we would regularly search through the internet to check on her and we finally had this amazing opportunity to connect and know more about her story. Hopefully we’ll have more to come in the future!

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